Mindbending Exercises

Yes I do believe this could be the answer to everything. Who you travel with. Are they actually traveling with you? Are you actually traveling anywhere at all? Are you sitting still? Are they sitting still with you? Does anyone care?

Let’s see if we can find any answers in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

“Solitude sometimes is best society.”
― John Milton, Paradise Lost

That, while certainly true, is somewhat encouraging but somehow also depressing, if you take the time to consider that we are all seeking connection.

What about Walt Whitman? Did he have any answers?

“I have learned that to be with those I like is enough”
― Walt Whitman

Ah. That is enough then, is it? To be with those you like. What if those you like don’t like you? Is it still enough? Or do you need more? Do you need people to like you back?

Maybe Mark Twain knows.

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.”
― Mark Twain

Ok. That is certainly a more mutual type of relationship. Where you are dividing things so that you get the full value of joy. So to satisfy yourself you must share some of life with someone else. I can get on board with that. Seems to make sense.

I had a horrible fight with someone today. I cried and cried. I found it incredibly painful. Not the fight itself. I enjoyed the fight. But what came out of it. What was said. How I felt afterwards. I even said I would give away my dog. WHAT? I am not giving away my dog. Fuck that. That dog is so loyal to me. 100% more loyal than most people I know. I want to hurt this person that I had the fight with. I do not know if that is possible. This person has no real feelings.

Ah so to end this I have looked for some answers from Toni Morrison’s Beloved.

“You are your best thing”
― Toni Morrison, Beloved

“Something that is loved is never lost.”
― Toni Morrison, Beloved



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