I was reading this book called “The Art of Looking Sideways” by Alan Fletcher. I swear I should have written this book. He really puts many of my thoughts down into that book. Not literally of course but he really captures my thought process in such a delicious way.

So I made up this word moonscaping and it means improving the aesthetic appearance of the … moon. No actually it means moving a plant around the moon. Planting shit on the moon. With your mind. Moonscaping is really the art of imagination.

And mindlighting is the art of lighting up your mind. Those thoughts that I have that are dark. The ones I want to hide from you. The ones I don’t want you to see. When I mindlight, I am conscious.

So cerebral acrobatics are definitely Alan Fletcher’s idea. He wrote that on the cover of his book. But I love this expression because I have a very quick mind and a very slow body. I can imagine very easily that cerebral acrobatics are like a Cirque de Soleil of thoughts. You’d have to be damn intelligent to be able to do those.

Let’s all just go moonscaping for a little while.


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