Beautiful Women

I came across this blog today – Anne of Carversville. I must say I fell in love with it. So many women, so much to say. And because I am only just beginning to embrace my womanhood to its fullest, I am so pleased to find other women who I can emulate.

Isn’t that nice.

What kinds of things can I write about that will titillate, seduce, inspire and fascinate others?

You know, I see how I need to move in the world, with more respect for myself and my body and my whole being. I notice how others react to me and when I am being arrogant or lackadaisical, how quickly I lose my audience. I want to engage people but sometimes I choose the path of least resistance and go watch a film. So much easier than engaging in the world around me. Also watching a film can serve as “homework” because I am a screenwriter and producer.

So before I go, I need to write down what I thought of when I woke up this morning.

How many people in your life shine brighter because you are cutting the firewood and keeping their fire burning? How many people in your life would not have as big a light to shine without you? Ask yourself this question. Because if there is even one person, and be careful if there are two or more, you may never reach your true potential. You could possibly be your own worst enemy and most likely are holding yourself back from living out the life you were truly meant to live.

So watch out for those so-called relationships where you are promoting someone else at the expense of your own soul’s purpose. Let go of them. Embrace the path of your life.


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