Working on my jealousy.

I never thought I was that jealous. Until I said, “I’ll just work on my jealousy this week.”

And then I went and got my hair cut. And as I was coming out of the salon and thinking I was looking all hot, a woman stepped out of a shop and started walking in front of me. She had a long red dress on. And she had this gorgeous head of hair. And my first thought was, oh that’s the hair I wish I had.

Not quite jealous yet.

We walked along. Me about 5 feet behind her. With my new hair cut. I had been running for a week now and thought I looked good. Apparently not that good.

Everyone who passed us stared at her. Not one person looked at me.

Starting to really want to see her face. So I try to speed up. No chance.

At a stop light, I move forward and nonchalantly look over at her. Can’t see a thing. She’s looking away in the other direction.

The light changes and we both go.

About the sixth person that stares at her and now I’m feeling this weird feeling. Kind of warm, annoyed (I thought at first it was because I could never get a look at her face). Insignificant was more what I was feeling. What is this strange feeling?


I was jealous.

She’s much younger than I am, I rationalise.

You know it wouldn’t even have mattered. If I didn’t so wish that I had hair like hers.


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